About us

TERZOPIANO is a gallery and association, an exhibition space, and a location supporting artistic residences and dealing with promotion and production of contemporary art, situated in the historic center of Lucca.

Contemporary art and culture have expanded their influence to all spheres of life, and are increasingly becoming new economic engines, building new interdisciplinary dynamics between sectors and multicultural hybrids.

The TERZOPIANO association wants to engage with the complexity of these constantly evolving phenomena and in particular:

• become a privileged and active observer of the contemporary;

• develop new models of production and forms of visual expression with the support of institutions, public funds, and private donations;

• establish new forms of public and private collecting;

• increase the synergy between public institutions and private companies;

• include in the production process art sector companies;

• feed the interdisciplinary dialogue between the arts, architecture and design through cultural activities including artist residencies, meetings with the public, workshops, and performances;

• produce innovative fundraising projects, which exploit the possibilities offered by the web, such as crowdfunding, in support of an active partnership.

Alessandro Pardossi, President

P.zza dei Servi 7, 55100 Lucca

info@terzopiano.org +39 3487252628
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