Clarissa Falco

Clarissa Falco (Genoa, Italy, 1995). She was one of the curators of the exhibition JUST GOOD FRIENDS – The reunion of common things and took part in the exhibition Incontro # 11 What about the materiality of the body? at Pini Foundation in Bologna.
Clarissa also worked as set-up assistant for the work Aral Citytellers by Francesco Jodice at the contemporary art exhibition in Yinchuan curated by Marco Scotini and was one of the curators of the FOOD FOR COMMONS, FOOD FOR LIFE workshop for the Venice Architecture Biennale of 2018 at the Swamp School. During Artissima 2018 Clarissa has took part in DAF Structure: a four-day experience in an installation of lights and sounds that worked as an environment for research and performance.
Today Clarissa attends the last year of the two-year course in Visual Arts and Curatorial Studies at Naba (Mi).