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December 2018





Ina Arzensek, Carina Brandes, Federico Cavallini, Daniel Maier-Reimer, Juan Pablo Macias, Margherita Moscardini, Giovanni Oberti, Enzo Umbaca, Stefan Vogel, Luca Vitone
Curated by Emily Barsi and Alessandra Poggianti

Opening December 1st, 2018
2nd December 2018 – 20th January 2019

“Thingness”, the biennial program of artist residencies curated by Alessandra Poggianti for TERZO- PIANO, presents “Re-enchantment” a collective exhibition conceived with Emily Barsi in 2017 at the Kunstraum in Munich, brought to Lucca for the first time with all new participants and projects.

During the evening performance by Gabriele Gaburro and Re-enchantment, Kunstraum Monaco & Kunstverein Publishing, Milan 2018 book launch.

The exhibition originates from the idea of ​​the “re-enchantment of the world”:

On 7th November 1917, during a series of conferences organized by the student movement in Munich, the philosopher Max Weber focused on one of the central themes of his work: “the disenchantment of the world.” One hundred years later, this awareness of living in a “disenchanted world” has inspired the theme of the exhibition: a proposed “re-enchantment” of contemporary reality through a new imaginative process—as suggested by the Romanian sociologist and ecologist Serge Moscovici—that will attempt to rethink the state of Western culture.

The TERZOPIANO exhibition space thus becomes the place in which to initiate this “re-enchantment” process, using artistic practice as a privileged medium.

For the occasion, the five artists who had been in residencies in Munich the previous year were invited, each extending the invitation to participate to another artist whose work contrasted interestingly with their own.

Each pair of artists was assigned one of the five TERZOPIANO rooms that they arranged independently:

Room 1: Stefan Vogel > Carina Brandes; Room 2: Daniel Maier-Reimer / Luca Vitone > Ina Arzensek; Room 3: Luca Vitone > Giovanni Oberti; Room 4: Margherita Moscardini > Juan Pablo Macias;
Room 5: Federico Cavallini > Enzo Umbaca

This is how five microcosms were born, all composed of different, non-codified, pre-established visions of the world, all releasing energies and multiplying the points of contact with reality, connecting different categories of thought, and, through imagination, opening up the possibility of new forms of knowledge.


“Thingness” is a two-year (2018-2019) program of artist residencies aimed at creating new artworks linked to the idea of an object and its “thingly” character (M. Heidegger, “The Origin of the Work of Art,” 1930). The object is therefore not understood through its functionality but, as Roland Barthes suggests, is a device capable of activating symbolic visions, types of meaning, loose signs, true texts. The object thus mediates the relationship between man and action, contributing to the creation of a new social potential and giving a different value to material life. From here, it is possible to begin to reconceive an ideology of utility.

Project carried out as part of Cantiere Toscana, the regional network for contemporary art, in collaboration with the Municipality of Lucca, the Tuscany Region and Giovanisi. | www.cantieretoscana.org

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